A driver brushing their teeth is just 1 horror story from the distracted driving crackdown

Eating, texting, and Snapchatting are just some of the things people were distracted by.

Officials around Minnesota have been working overtime this week to crack down on distracted driving.

This extra enforcement campaign began April 10 and continues through April 23. And over the past week, agencies, including the Minnesota State Patrol, have been sharing stories on social media of some crazy things people have been doing while behind the wheel.

Here are a few of horror stories from the crackdown:

Even if you don't think texting while driving is illegal, you can still get in trouble.

Texting your mom isn't a very good excuse.

Speaking of texting and driving. On the second day of the extra enforcement campaign, Moorhead police officers cited a person twice in the same day – only about an hour apart – for using their phone while driving, a news release says.

The penalty for texting and driving goes up when it's your second offense.

Don't Snapchat and drive either.

Or video chat.

Technology isn't the only thing that can distract drivers.

Here are some other stories of people who were distracted by while driving:

  • A woman in Moorhead was spotted eating a sandwich and texting while driving.
  • One guy was brushing his teeth while behind the wheel.
  • A 30-year-old was cited for ignoring a school bus stop arm in Kasson – they were eating cereal out of a bowl while driving.
  • A 34-year-old man was stopped near Lengby – he was making an NBA fantasy draft list on his phone.
  • A 47-year-old woman got distracted at a gas station by her phone and forgot to buckle. She had a "crashing sucks" bumper sticker.

In 2016, there were officials issued 5,988 texting-and-driving citations, up from 4,115 in 2015, Department of Public Safety statistics show. In 2015, distracted driving contributed to 7,666 injuries and 74 deaths on Minnesota roads. 

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