Brutal weather coming: Get 'out' while you can


You know it's coming, but it bears repeating: a doozy of a cold front will cover Minnesota by Sunday morning.

The Associated Press reports that, by Sunday night, lows are forecast to range from 35 below in nothern Minnesota to 15 below in the Twin Cities. Wind chill will add to the misery. A wind chill advisory is out for southwestern Minnesota Saturday night and Sunday.

The cold is expected to last until Tuesday or Wednesday.

WCCO reported that Minnesotans took advantage of the respite Friday. Sledding hills and ice rinks were busy. So were city plows and car washes.

Homeowners worried about ice dams scraped the snow off their roofs.

Jose Salazar with Sela Roofing said his company has been unusually busy in December. He said the weather has been more like January or February.

Experts say ice dams form when snow melts on roof tops, then runs down into gutters. Scraping snow is a good short-term fix. Installing heating coils can work too. Tossing chemicals onto the roof probably won't.

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