Buckle up! Seat belt crackdown begins Monday


Some 400 Minnesota law enforcement agencies will launch a statewide two-week seat belt-enforcement patrol starting Monday, according to the Star Tribune. It's part of a national crackdown effort.

Minnesota law requires all passengers to buckle up or face $120 fines, but more than four of 10 Minnesotans killed in traffic crashes failed to buckle their seat belts. Of the 852 motorists killed in crashes between 2010 and ’12, 42 percent were unbuckled.

According to the Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety, seat-belt use in Minnesota hit 92.7 percent in 2011, compared to a national average of 84 percent.

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Many young people not buckling up in back seat

Safety officials are warning people that it's illegal and unsafe to ride in the back seat without a safety belt. The Public Safety Department says 90 percent of teens and young adults killed in the past few years while riding in the back seat were not wearing seat belts.

Video PSA for Buckle Up! simulates fall

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety has unveiled its new Buckle Up, Minnesota! campaign, releasing a video that simulates what it looks like to fall from a 12-story building and hit the sidewalk, which is similar to the impact you suffer in a collision at 60 mph without a seat belt.