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Bud Light spills along highway in semi crash


South Dakota Highway Patrol troopers not far over the Minnesota border responded to a beer truck crash that left cases of Bud Light littering a highway median.

Troopers said the early Wednesday morning crash on Interstate 29, north of Summit, S.D., happened when the driver of the northbound truck fell asleep at the wheel and the vehicle went off roadway. The driver awoke, over-corrected and the semi went into the median and rolled on its side, troopers said.

The trailer's roof ripped off and the brews were strewn along the grassy ditch.

The driver, who had been wearing a seatbelt, was hurt, but the injuries were not life-threatening. The crash, roughly 75 miles west of Benson, Minnesota, happened about 3:26 a.m., KTIV reports.

The driver had not been drinking, investigators said. The patrol posted an image of the scene on its Facebook page, noting, "Alcohol was not a factor in the crash," which drew a number of responses from users who begged to differ: "What do you mean alcohol was not a factor? It is everywhere!"

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