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Budget airline Frontier is adding flights to 3 more cities from MSP

The Tampa route is available now, with flights to two more cities coming soon.

You’ve got a another cheap-y option to fly from Minnesota to Florida, Long Island or New Jersey.

Frontier Airlines is introducing three new routes from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, they announced this week.

Frontier flights from MSP to Tampa are on sale as of Tuesday, so you can already look at those if you’re considering a Florida trip. Flights from MSP to Islip (Long Island) and Trenton (New Jersey) will go on sale “soon” with travel starting in spring of 2018.

The Tampa flights, if you book out into the fall, go as low as $44 one way it looks like. But that’s if you travel on a random Tuesday or Thursday. Usually it’s up around $140 or $175.

The new flights out of the Twin Cities are part of a large expansion from Frontier – 85 new routes that hit 21 additional cities.

Once they’re all active next spring, Frontier – based in Denver – says it will be able to serve 90 percent of the U.S. population.

Frontier is one of the bargain/cheap airlines – so tickets usually come in lower than regular-fare airlines, but you have to pay more to get additional options, like picking your seat.

It’s also worth noting Frontier was the second-lowest rated airline in America in the most recent American Customer Satisfaction Index survey. Frontier’s passenger satisfaction graded out at 63, with budget competitor Spirit the only lower score at 61.

Last year, Frontier rolled out non-stop flights from MSP to Chicago.

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