Buffalo Wild Wings will bring your lunch out in 15 mins – or it's free


Buffalo Wild Wings is hoping to get more customers through the door at lunchtime with a new trial offer: You get your meal in 15 minutes – or it's free.

Minnesota-based "B-Dubs" says servers will start a timer when they leave the table with your order and stop it when they return with your food.

"Any guest who doesn’t get their meal in 15 minutes gets their entire meal and any fountain soda for free," said a news release.

Of course, your order must meet a few guidelines. Customers must eat off the Fast Break Lunch Menu which offers salad, wings, wrap, sandwich, cheeseburger, taco and side options.

Furthermore, the lunch guarantee is only available between Monday and Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. You must be dining with five people or fewer.

The lunch guarantee was "designed to show time-strapped guests that they don’t have to sacrifice quality, value or variety for speed at lunch time," said Buffalo Wild Wings in a news release. The restaurant's research shows that customers only have 30-40 minutes on average to eat lunch.

"We want to prove to our guests that they can get the Buffalo Wild Wings experiences they have come to know and love within the limited time they have for a traditional lunch break," said Todd Kronebusch, the Vice President of Food and Beverage.

"Our standard was already to deliver Fast Break meals within 15 minutes, but the new guarantee adds a promise to our guests, and some fun, friendly competition."

Bid to crush

According to Business Insider, Buffalo Wild Wings is following a trend in casual dining chains. Restaurants like Applebee's, Olive Garden and TGI Friday's have recently introduced revamps to set themselves apart from competitors.

The website says B-Dubs' move is an attempt to "crush" competition from rivals such as Panera Bread.

The promotions are focused on convenience, speed and ingredients. Restaurant Business also mentioned similar deals by Pizza Hut and Chipotle.

Buffalo Wild Wings' headquarters are in Minneapolis. There are nearly 900 locations nationwide and more in Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, and Dubai according to the Motley Fool.

Earlier this year, the restaurant announced plans to open between 30-35 new locations in the U.S. and 12-15 internationally.

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