Bull breaks loose at Dakota County Fair, 1 hospitalized


A bull that broke loose from a rodeo event at the Dakota County Fairgrounds injured eight people, one of them seriously, authorities say.

A witness tells WCCO the 1,200-pound bull got out of its pen and was stampeding through the crowd.

As KSTP reports, Sheriff Dave Bellows says a deputy shot the animal twice with his handgun but the bull was not deterred. Horseback riders corralled the bull after 10 or 15 minutes.

"Given the number of people out there and just how wild this animal was, you know he was running in the streets through large gatherings of people indiscriminately, I think it was very fortunate that we only wound up with eight injuries," Bellows said, MPR reported.

The Star Tribune reports seven people, including a child, sustained minor injuries and were treated at the fairgrounds. One woman whose injuries included a head wound was airlifted to Hennepin County Medical Center, the newspaper says.

The bull was part of the "Bulls and Barrels" event at the fairgrounds in Farmington, KSTP reports.

Here's a video uploaded to YouTube by zkarloinc:

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