Bullet the cat was shot twice, but he's expected to make a full recovery

The feline Olympics may be out of reach, though.

Bullet the cat probably won't be competing in the feline Olympics, but he'll make a full recovery.

The CATS Cradle Shelter in Fargo has been caring for Bullet this week after the homeless cat had been shot, apparently twice.

In an update on Bullet's condition Thursday, the shelter said Bullet has seen a vet. An exam and x-rays showed he shattered his olecranon of the ulna bone (part of the elbow) and the head of the ulna (the bottom of the bone near the wrist) was dislocated and the tip was shattered "into pieces" – injuries caused most likely by the gunshots.

The shattered pieces of the bone had to be removed because of infection and pain, the shelter said.

CATS Cradle says Bullet is expected to make a full recovery after his surgery, with the help of antibiotics, pain medicine and a splint for a few weeks.

"Bullet will not be an Olympic athlete, but will be a fine [pet] and companion," Dr. Charly at Red Barn Veterinary Services said, according to the shelter. "He may have some arthritis in his future, but should get around just fine."

CATS Cradle is seeking donations for Bullet's medical care and all the other cats it cares for. For information on how to donate, click here.

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