Bulletproof vest spares deputy in farmhouse shooting


A Polk County sheriff’s deputy was shot in northwestern Minnesota and the man accused of firing at him is in custody.

ForumNews reports the deputy's bullet-resistant vest may have spared him from serious injury.

The incident began on Thursday afternoon. Deputies responded to a 911 call at a farm about two miles south of Crookston.

WDAZ reports that as officers spoke with family members outside the residence, the suspect allegedly began firing from inside the home. As officers took cover, the suspect reportedly continued firing and hit a deputy in the back of his vest. Shots were exchanged and the suspect was injured as well.

Valley News Live reports Michael Perry, 23, was arrested and charged with attempted murder in connection with the shooting. He was treated for non-life threatening injuries at a Crookston hospital and was then transferred to the Tri-County Community Corrections in Crookston.

The deputy who was shot was taken by a squad car to Riverview Hospital in Crookston where he was treated and released. He has not been identified.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety issued the following press release about the incident.

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