Bundle up: Minnesota in for frozen weekend, but warm-up ahead


Forget about that Disney movie that's set in the deep freeze. Minnesota is the place that's really frozen.

Following the snowstorm that walloped Minnesota earlier this week, much of the state has plunged into temperatures near or below zero.

The good news is that the freezing temperatures aren't here to stay. The Star Tribune's Paul Douglas says temperatures in the 30s will return in about a week.

Until then, the West Central Tribune reports that the west central region of the state will be in for the worst of the chilling temperatures this weekend.

According to the National Weather Service, a wind chill advisory starting from 6 p.m. Friday through noon Saturday will produce wind chill readings ranging from 25 below to 35 below.

The Duluth News Tribune says there will be no reprieve for the North Shore, where the National Weather Service said more than two feet of snow fell in select areas (one weather-spotter reported 39 inches).

A high of about 6 degrees is expected in Duluth Friday, but wind chills will make it feel like 10 below, the paper said. Saturday will be sunny with a high of only zero and a low of minus 10 degrees. Sunday the city will see a high of 7 degrees and a low of minus 4.

In the Twin Cities area, the Star Tribune says Friday will see a high of 8 degrees and a low of 9 below, and a high of 4 degrees and low of zero is forecast for Saturday.

Sunday will see a bit of a warm up with a high of 15 degrees and a low of 6. The paper said the a bit of snow is also expected Sunday, from a coating to up to an inch.

Minnesota isn't the only state in the country facing frigid temperatures or weather-related dangers. The Associated Press has dubbed today "Ice Friday," with freezing temps forecast in the Midwest as well as winter storm and ice warnings for parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.

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