Burgers for the most important meal of the day? Burger King bets on it


There's been a recent emphasis in the fast food trade to push breakfast, a meal that the industry has seen as ripe for growth and profits.

The Associated Press reports that Burger King is getting into the act with its "Burgers at Breakfast" menu, which offers morning diners Whoppers, Cheeseburgers, Big King and chicken sandwiches, plus french fries and apple pie. The items are offered alongside the chain's normal breakfast menu. The Business Insider notes that more than 5,000 Burger King locations will participate in the program and will be supported with a national radio campaign.

McDonald's remains the breakfast king but Taco Bell has an aggressive ad campaign to promote the launch of its national breakfast menu. Wendy's recently gave up on testing breakfast and says it doesn't plan to pursue it again anytime soon.

A non-traditional start to the day extends beyond fast food franchises. Writing in the Star Tribune, food critic Rick Nelson included some nontraditional before-noon fare in his '20 don't-miss breakfast dishes.' 

He name-checks the Chinese day-starter (pictured at right) at Verdant Tea (2111 E. Franklin Av., Minneapolis) which is a bowl of rice "...embellished with a flurry of harmonious add-ons, including velvety tofu, mildly sour pickled vegetables, chewy enokitake mushrooms, a veritable garden of microgreens and cilantro, and a steaming, nuanced broth using a wild-harvested black tea." He's hot for the breakfast pastrami sandwich at Be’wiched Deli (800 Washington Av. N., Minneapolis) where the smoked brisket "...is stacked on house-baked herbed focaccia and smothered with roasted peppers, a rowdy harissa and a pair of runny fried eggs."

At Sun Street Breads (4600 Nicollet Av. S., Minneapolis) Nelson likes a biscuit that come with crispy-skinned fried chicken and bacon as well as gravy, and notes that diners can break their fast with a daily breakfast hot dish casserole every morning at the Buttered Tin (237 E. 7th St., St. Paul).

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