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Burglar steals Christmas presents, more from St. Paul apartment in broad daylight


Police are investigating a holiday burglary at a St. Paul apartment over the weekend where the thief took wrapped presents from under a Christmas tree, as well as important documents including Social Security cards and a checkbook, FOX 9 reports.

The victims, Tom Yang and Dee Xiong, said when they arrived home Saturday afternoon, they found their Christmas tree on the ground and ornaments scattered everywhere. In all, the couple said they had about $2,000 worth of presents stolen.

Xiong said they've been having to spend a lot of time away from their home since they're caring for her father, who suffered a stroke.

In addition to the loss of the gifts, as well as a 40-inch television, Yang and Xiong are now tasked with calling banks and credit bureaus to avoid becoming victims of identity theft.

Officials say identity theft is also on the rise online, NBC News reported. Experts tell the network that shoppers are more vulnerable now because the holiday season is a hectic time of the year and people tend to be more distracted.

As for the burglary in St. Paul, it isn't the first one to take place in the broad daylight.

In Edina, a security camera recently caught a holiday Grinch stealing delivered packages from a porch, and the victims are not alone. Police nationwide said there has been a rise in thefts from porches, NBC’s "Today" show said.

Essentially, people need to be alert no matter where they are during the holiday season. Police told FOX 9 that the season is also prime time for thieves who search store parking lots, looking for presents in people's cars to steal.


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