Burglary suspect leaves cellphone behind with his Facebook page open


Two men have been charged in a North Dakota home burglary after one of them left his cellphone behind with his own Facebook profile open, Forum Communications reports.

Forum reports that a Harwood, N.D., couple reported to police that a television and a computer had been stolen, and an investigating deputy found the cellphone on the ground about 10 feet from the door, Forum reports. The phone belonged to Benjamin Paul Emerson, 25, who had previously done construction work at the couple's home – and had been fired from the construction company for eating the couple's pizza and drinking their beer.

Investigators easily tracked texts on the phone between Emerson and Matthew William Hedstrom, 34. Police found stolen tools valued at $10,000 at Hedstrom's south Fargo home. Hedstrom also confessed to being a part of a bungled theft at the house in Harwood, during which the two dropped the TV, as well as the cellphone, police said.

Hedstrom and Emerson can take some solace in the fact that they are not the very least-skilled burglars in the world. Just among them.

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