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Burnsville woman charged for brutal assault of husband


A Burnsville woman has been charged for allegedly strangling her husband and beating him with a hammer.

According to the criminal complaint, 71-year-old Sharon Ann Ripka is charged with attempted domestic assault by strangulation, terroristic threats and interference with a 911 call.

Around 8:15 a.m. on Monday, dispatchers received a call from Ripka who said she was tired of her husband assaulting her and that she hit him with a hammer.

When police arrived, they found Ripka and her husband, identified as "L.R.", covered in blood. L.R. was holding blood-soaked towel to the right side of his head and had a telephone cord wrapped tightly around his neck.

L.R. told police Ripka began screaming and "went nuts" because he was still in bed around 8 a.m. He tried to call police, but Ripka hit him repeatedly with a telephone and tried to strangle him with the cord.

L.R. also reported at one point, Ripka came out of the bathroom and wiped excrement on his face before hitting him in the head with a hammer.

"Please help me," L.R. said to emergency personnel. "She's killing me."

L.R. claims Ripka is mentally ill and has dementia, but has not been diagnosed because she refused to go to the doctor.

When officers searched the residence they found a large pool of blood on the carpet. Another large pool of blood and the claw-style hammer was found in the laundry room sink.

L.R. sustained a large contusion on his scalp, according to court document.

Ripka is currently in custody at the Dakota County Jail. Bail is set at $80,000.

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