Businesses firing up for day's anticipated warm weather

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Talk about your pent-up demand!

Temperatures across Minnesota are expected to bump into the 70's on Wednesday. KSTP's weather team predicts it will be "...the warmest and nicest day in Minnesota in six months," noting that the last time we felt temperatures in the 70's was way back on Oct. 11. Got sunscreen?

WCCO reported that numerous area businesses are primed for the warming trend. The snow-cleared deck at Brit’s Pub in downtown Minneapolis will likely be filled with al fresco diners and drinkers, freed of winter garb and holding cocktails in hands that are at last not covered by gloves.

“The deck you see here will have every table out, every seat out, the bar will be open, the kitchen will be open,” general manager Shane Higgins told the station.

At least another 25 area golf courses and practice facilities are set to open Wednesday, and bike shops also expect to see a wave of eager customers, starved for outdoor activities.

“I can imagine we are going to see a lot of people who step outside…and say ‘Oh my Gosh, I just need to be on a bike,’” said Tyler Buckley, manager at Eric’s Bike and Board Shop. “So we’re expecting big things for [Wednesday], hoping for big things.”

But don't get too used to it. Cooler weather moves back in on Thursday; a more significant cool-down is anticipated, natch, for the weekend.

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