'Butthurt' and 'Pokemon' are now part of the dictionary

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Zika virus, ghosting and manspread are among the hundreds of new words that have been added to a popular online dictionary.

Dictionary.com released its updated dictionary – including 300 new words and definitions, as well as revising 1,700 entries – on Tuesday.

The online dictionary added user data and information on what people are looking up (or trying to look up) to determine what new words should be included, TIME says. The publication notes that many of the new words "are more reflective than ever of what English speakers want to know about right now."

They range from pop-culture references – Pokemon, mom jeans, and lumbersexual – to expanding the dictionary's words related to gender and identity – including ze – to words about food such as al desko.


Here's a look at some of the other new words.

Athleisure: A style of clothing that's inspired by athletic apparel, but it's also word as casual, everyday wear.

Butthurt: Mental distress or irritation caused by an overreaction to a perceived personal slight.

Misgender: Referring or addressing someone (especially someone who is transgender) with a pronoun, noun, or adjective that inaccurately represents the person's gender or the gender they identify with.

Hot take: A superficially researched and hastily written piece of journalism or online post that presents opinions as facts and is often moralistic.

Warmist: A person who accepts global warming as a reality – it's a term that's used by people who reject the concept.

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