Buy your booze today – Minnesota liquor stores have to close on Thanksgiving

Liquor stores have to be closed on Thanksgiving. It's the law.

Need booze for Thanksgiving?

Get it today – otherwise you'll be SOL.

Thanksgiving is one of two non-Sunday days of the year where liquor stores are legally barred from being open. Seriously, here's the statute regarding the "intoxicating liquor":

(A h/t to dullyouth on Reddit for binging this up).

Is there a growler workaround, like Sundays?


As this handy guidebook states, growlers can not be sold on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, or after 8 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

Craft breweries can stay open though, if you want to get a drink away from the house/family. Most seem to be closing, but we've seen at least one that'll be open:

Let us know any we're missing.

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