Bye, November – you were a hot one for us northerners

This November has been one of the warmest on record.

Despite getting dumped with more than two feet of snow just over a week ago, the Northland has just had one of the warmest Novembers on record.

According to the National Weather Service, the average temperature in Duluth has been 40.4 degrees. That's the third highest in history. 2001 and 1899 were warmer.

International Falls is having the second warmest November on record with an average temperature of 37.4 degrees.

These numbers could change a bit since the month isn't over yet. It looks like temperatures are going to stay below the current averages though. So this month probably won't move any further up the ranks.

Not just up north

The Twin Cities might also be seeing one if its warmest Novembers.

According to MPR, the average temperature at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport through Sunday is 44.5 degrees. That would be the second warmest on record behind 2001 when it was 46.4 degrees.

Temps were even higher Monday. It reached 52 degrees in Minneapolis. There were unseasonable thunderstorms that even brought hail.

Below freezing temps and snow are in the forecast, though.

It's supposed to get cold (eventually)

We've had a pretty mild lead-up to a winter that forecasters expect will be colder and snowier than usual.

Federal forecasters have said La Nina (a weather phenomenon characterized by unusually cold ocean temperatures) could make this winter colder and wetter for people in the northern United States.

That doesn't mean the entire winter will be sub-zero and covered in loads of snow. The NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center explains that the cold and snowy period will likely hit sometime in the late fall or early winter and be fairly short-lived.

In the meantime, just be glad you're not in Alaska where it's about to be -60 degrees.

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