Cage-free eggs: Dairy Queen is the latest company to announce the switch


Dairy Queen is the latest company to pledge it will switch to only cage-free eggs in the near future.

The switch covers shelled eggs, liquid eggs, and Dairy Queen-specific products that have eggs as an ingredient, the Minneapolis-based restaurant chain said in its announcement Tuesday.

So this doesn't just affect things like breakfast items that clearly have eggs involved.

“Once we decided to go cage free, we believed it was important to have a bigger program,” William A. Barrier, a Dairy Queen executive, said in the release. “Sourcing cage-free eggs for the breakfast program alone seemed to leave the job somewhat unfinished.”

If you're curious where Dairy Queen uses eggs – check out this giant list of nutrition facts.

Eggs are listed in some of the Grillburgers and sandwiches, a lot of breakfast items (unsurprisingly, though not all locations serve breakfast), and even some of the ice cream treats (including things with cookie dough or brownie batter involved).

They'll have the switch done around the end of the year 2025, which is about the same target date all these other companies moving to cage-free eggs have. Here's an explanation of why it's going to take so long.

The news release says DQ has been talking about this decision for months, with COO Troy Bader calling it an "important step."

Dairy Queen is the latest company to announce a commitment to cage-free eggs.

Others include Minnesota businesses Target, General Mills, and SuperValu (which owns Cub Foods, among other stores), as well as other companies such as ConAgra, McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Nestle and Costco.

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