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Calling all geeks: Minnesota lags in hiring of IT workers


As the home of Geek Squad and an increasing number tech startups, you might think that Minnesota would be awash in information technology workers.

Not necessarily so, says a story in the Star Tribune, which looks at numbers from the state's Department of Employment and Economic Development. The DEED study says that 37 percent of the state's IT jobs are "difficult to fill."

"All sorts of industries are shifting in ways that suddenly require tech expertise," reports the Strib, which reports that manufacturing, banking and marketing are struggling to keep up in a shift toward IT sources in those businesses.

And who's to blame? The paper says that companies across the country and Minnesota are struggling to hire, and it's partly their fault.

Most companies try to make job openings too specific, offers the Strib, don't pay enough or simply don't know how to recruit.

“Many organizations have not built their cultural abilities to embrace those kinds of people, and so they have a very difficult time recruiting folks,” one consultant tells the paper. “That’s just antiquated thinking,”

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