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'Can-doe' attitude: Elderly man's letter could change deer hunting law


It's proof that one person can still make a difference just by writing his or her representative: Thanks to a simple, handwritten letter, a Two Harbors man may see his wish for a change in Minnesota's deer hunting rules.

George Krog, who's 84, doesn't hunt as much as he'd like these days and thinks his opportunities to do so will grow even fewer – according to the Associated Press, he doubts he'll ever bag a buck again.

Apparently, bucks don't often appear in his neck of the woods anymore. Does, however, are in steady supply.

Krog would gladly settle for a doe, but there's one problem: killing a doe requires a special "antlerless deer" permit.

His last attempt at such a permit was denied by the DNR, MPR News reports.

According to the station, Krog's letter to state lawmakers worked – a provision that would let hunters 84 and older kill does without antlerless permits has found its way into a House budget bill as of Monday.

The Associated Press says it has a good chance of becoming law, a change that would affect as many as 2,200 "older" Minnesota hunters.

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