Can you name the 'Dales' that once ringed the Twin Cities?

On Oct. 8, 1956, Southdale opened in Edina -- the first enclosed suburban mall in the United States. It was the first of four "Dales" to ring the Twin Cities. The others were: A) Rosedale, Tonkadale, Fairdale. B) Brookdale, Ridgedale, Rosedale. C) Moundsdale, Venturadale, Ridgedale. For the answer, click on the headline above...

B) After Southdale opened in 1956, Brookdale (1962) opened in Brooklyn Center, followed by Rosedale(1969) in Roseville and Ridgedale (1974) in Minnetonka.

Of the four, Brookdale closed in 2010, with the intention that the retail area would be redeveloped and revived under the "Shingle Creek Crossing" banner. Already, a new Wal-Martserves as an anchor for the site.

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