Canadian man dies while cycling to Grand Marais

He was in Grand Portage Monday, climbing the Sawtooth Mountains.

A Canadian man who was riding from Thunder Bay to Grand Marais collapsed and died while climbing the Sawtooth Mountains.

Robert Hemsworth, 61 years old, was biking in Grand Portage Monday, the Cook County Sheriff's Office says. That's about an 80-mile trip.

Authorities describe him as an avid cyclist; his goal was to reach Grand Marais, where his wife would pick him up.

But while ascending Mount Josephine, he collapsed. A relative that was following in a vehicle got out and did CPR until paramedics arrived.

Hemsworth didn't make it though. He died Monday afternoon at Cook County North Shore Hospital.

"This is an unfortunate, tragic event and our hearts go out to the family of Mr. Hemsworth and our neighboring community over the border," Cook County Chief Deputy Will Sandstrom said in the news release.

While Mr. Hemsworth’s death is believed to be medical related, an investigation will be completed and an autopsy is taking place in the Twin Cities.

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