Car insurance study ranks drivers by state: We're number 1!

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An analysis looking to find America's most dangerous drivers put Minnesota in last place among the states – which is actually first place if you're looking for safe drivers.

Car Insurance Comparison tabulated numbers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in a "Worst Drivers" study posted to its website.

The study focused on fatalities. It looked at the overall rate of traffic deaths per miles driven. It also looked at the rate of fatal crashes blamed on speeding, drunkenness, failure to obey traffic laws, or careless driving. Every state and Washington D.C. received a composite score.

As you might guess from its redness on the map, Montana took the crown for most dangerous, with South Carolina and New Mexico tied for second. Ohio and Vermont were runners-up to Minnesota on the safe side.

Car Insurance Comparison points out that the trend nationwide is toward fewer traffic deaths, noting that the most recent totals are one-third of what they were in 1975.

Minnesota's tally of road deaths seems poised to go up this year. The Star Tribune says Thursday's total from the state Office of Traffic Safety was 360, which is only one fewer than in all of 2014.

If Minnesota's safest-drivers title sounds familiar, it may be because we've been down this road before, having also finished last in the "Worst Drivers" study last year.

Perhaps the comparatively safe driving record will help Minnesota the next time someone puts together a list of areas most often listed on "Best of" lists.

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