Possible drunk driver smashes into squad car minutes after officer finishes training

Alcohol might have been a factor, officials say.
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Police are saying alcohol "may have been a factor" in the crash, which you can see the aftermath of above – when that car smashed into a newly-trained officer's squad.

It happened last week near North Memorial Medical Center, the Office of Traffic Safety said in a Facebook post. The Robbinsdale police officer, less than a half hour earlier, had completed his training. He was walking back to the squad when the other car hit it from behind, pushing it down the street and onto the sidewalk.

Here's the damage to the squad:

When authorities say alcohol "may have been a factor" in the crash, they mean the driver told police afterward he had anywhere from two to five white Russians at a nearby bar beforehand, and said he had no memory of driving. He had just minor injuries.

However, the case is still being investigated so no findings have been confirmed at this point.

We've reached out to the Robbinsdale police for more details, but were told almost everyone was out of the office – we'll update this story if we hear back, however.

They're watching for DWIs

Holiday weekends tend to be pretty bad for drunken driving. So officials say there will be extra DWI enforcement on state roads this weekend.

If you’re planning to drink, line up a sober ride home or leave your car behind and request an Uber or call a taxi. And if if you see someone driving dangerously, give the vehicle some space and call 911.

In 2015, the Department of Public Safety says 411 people died in crashes on Minnesota roads. Of those, there were 95 fatalities in cases where the driver was over the legal alcohol limit. Another 2,203 people had serious injuries from an alcohol-related crash.

Not only does driving drunk put yourself and others at risk, but there are also serious consequences. If you drive drunk, you could lose your license for up to a year, have to pay thousands of dollars in fees and costs, and you could even face some time in jail.

For more information on the consequences of driving drunk – which can include having to use a breathalyzer to start your vehicle – click here.

If you’re worried about a friend or family member who drinks and drives, check out these tips from Intervention Support on how to talk to them. The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation also has information on how to talk to people about their addictions.

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