Cargill to trim 900 jobs by outsourcing IT services


Minnetonka-based Cargill told employees this week about plans to eliminate jobs by outsourcing some of its information technology services.

The Star Tribune reports that the move will squeeze 900 tech positions in its worldwide workforce, with approximately 300 of the cuts coming in the Twin Cities. The outsourcing involves Cargill’s Infrastructure Services department, which performs services that support hardware, including desktop and laptop computers. Some employees in that department work at Cargill’s Hopkins office.

Cargill told workers it will transfer some of its IT functions to India-based Tata Consultancy Services. The transition will take up to nine months. Cargill has yet to determine how many of the 900 total affected jobs will be cut through layoffs and how many affected workers will find other jobs at Cargill or be offered positions at Tata.

TwinCitiesBusiness reported that Tata has a significant presence in Minnesota and added a new office in Bloomington a few years ago. A profile of the business published by the magazine in 2012 said that Tata, the Mumbai-based IT company, employed about 1,000 in Minnesota with plans to hire several hundred additional tech employees. At the time, Tata received a $500,000 state loan to for its expansion.

Cargill is Minnesota's largest private company, employing around 6,000 in the state, mostly in professional jobs in the Twin Cities. Cargill has a worldwide workforce of 142,000.

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