Caribou torpedos Duluth coffeehouse's 'Depth Charge' drink

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A popular Duluth coffeehouse is being forced to change the name of one of its drinks following the threat of legal action by Caribou Coffee, Northland's NewsCenter reported.

Beaner's Central owner Jason Wussow said he received a cease and desist letter from Caribou Coffee's corporate office Thursday to inform him that the commonly-used name of his espresso-coffee combo, "Depth Charge," was trademarked.

"I wonder if they're going after everyone in town, because I know there are a lot of places that use that term," Wussow told Northland's NewsCenter.

Wussow said Caribou listed all the places where the name had to be changed – from the company's website to its menu. He has about a month to get it done, the station reported.

The coffeehouse owner said he doesn't plan on fighting Caribou in the matter, and instead is getting creative on his Facebook page by asking customers to come up with a new name for the high-caffeine concoction.

As of Monday, the page got more than 150 comments about the name change, which included the suggestions "beaner bomb," "shock and awe" and "red eye."

For those who are wondering, Caribou's Depth Charge is enough to "shock and awe" any coffee drinker, since a large serving of the drink contains 445 milligrams of caffeine – that's equivalent to about four cups of coffee, says the International Coffee Organization.


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