Carrie Fisher, mom Debbie Reynolds to be buried together

Fisher and Reynolds will have joint funeral.
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Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds will have a joint funeral, according to an announcement from family members.

The two actresses, who died within a day of each other this week, will be buried next to each other at the iconic Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles, brother Todd Fisher told ABC News Friday.

He commented that his sister and mother will be laid to rest "among friends" like Liberace and Bette Davis. Forest Lawn is the final resting place of many, many Hollywood stars.

Fisher also told ABC that despite losing two close family members in rapid succession, he's comforted knowing they're together, saying "my mother wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Numerous reports say the family were leaning toward a "private, small ceremony" followed by a "larger" memorial service.

The date of the funeral has not been confirmed yet.

Autopsy controversy

Fisher's autopsy was "finalized" by the Los Angeles Coroner's Office on Friday, a few days after the procedure was reportedly put on hold.

Though E! News confirms it was a heart attack that killed the Star Wars actress (as it was widely reported), they say the "official" cause of death, as well as any "additional results" from the autopsy, are still not available.

Similarly, sources with the coroner's office tell TMZ that the cause of death is still "not obvious," and that the final results have been deferred (i.e. postponed). The death certificate has been issued anyway.

TMZ explains that coroners sometimes do this in order to allow families to make burial arrangements. The website says the autopsy was initially put on hold because of the surprise death of Debbie Reynolds, which "complicated" funeral plans.

Fans remember their princess

Since Fisher's death on Tuesday, there have been "lightsaber vigils" across the country, with Star Wars fans holding their lightsabers high in honor of their fallen princess.

On Friday night, fans dressed as Princess Leia marched the streets of New Orleans in a festive parade called "To Me, She's Royalty: A Parade to Honor Carrie Fisher."

Meanwhile, the Turner Classic Movies TV network is planning a Debbie Reynolds movie marathon next month, while HBO says it is speeding up the release of “Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds,” a documentary about the mother-daughter duo. Instead of the original March 2017 release date, it'll air on January 7.

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