Cat rescued from duffel bag in river finds new home in Minnesota


Some would argue Winnie the Cat has eight lives left after narrowly escaping death in a northern Iowa river two weeks ago.

If that's true, she'll likely spend the rest of them here in Minnesota.

The 10-year-old Calico was rescued from a duffel bag that was pulled out of the Winnebago River (from which she takes her name), the Humane Society of Northern Iowa said. Now fully recovered, she's been given a second chance with a new companion.

According to the Globe Gazette, Winnie's story made an impression on Ken Avery, of St. Paul. Having recently lost his former cat to cancer, Avery felt Winnie and he might be a good match.

He signed the adoption papers at the Humane Society of Northern Iowa in Mason City and took her home Thursday.

A man (identified by the Globe Gazette as her former owner, William Hill) was charged with misdemeanor animal torture in connection with the incident, the Associated Press reports.

According to the charges, he stuffed the cat into a duffel bag and before throwing her in the river. A couple witnessed the act and fished her out in time, the story says.

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