'Catch 'im, Derry!' Irish family's hilarious struggle with trapped bat goes viral

'Catch 'im, Derry!'

So apparently we've discovered the recipe for worldwide viral success: Irish accents, a poor winged animal terrified beyond reason, and smart-ass commentary from the guy filming what happens when these things come together. 

Case in point, this video out of County Kerry, Ireland (watch it below). Uploaded by Tadhg Fleming, it shows the absolute pandemonium that ensues when a bat gets trapped in this family's kitchen (beware, there's some colorful language).

The video has been seen hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube (and is one of the site's top trending posts), while Fleming's original Facebook post has earned him over a million views.

Oh, and we're totally calling it now: "Catch 'im, Derry!" will be the internet's next catchphrase, and your kids will probably be using it in casual conversation someday. It even has its own hashtag now

"#catchimderry has got to be one of the funniest and most Irish things I've ever seen," Facebook user Adam Griffin wrote on Wednesday.

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