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Catholic teacher fired over gay marriage stance shares story

After 11 years teaching fifth graders at St. Joseph's Catholic school in Moorhead, Trish Cameron revealed to school officials that she did not support the church's opposition to same-sex marriage. One week later, they asked her to resign. In an interview with MPR, she now talks about how she sees many Catholics struggling with the issue.

Trish Cameron, a veteran fifth-grade teacher at St. Joseph's Catholic school in Moorhead, first signaled to her principal that she did not support the church's stance on gay marriage as part of a self-evaluation this spring, MPR reports. That led to a meeting, and ultimately, she was asked to resign.

She initially declined to comment beyond a letter she wrote to parents. Now MPR has an interview with her in which she says many Catholics are struggling with the issue. "We want to talk. This matters in our life," she says.

Meanwhile, more cities are mulling whether to take a stand on the issue. Maplewood was among three cities to recently join the ranks of those opposed to the amendment, along with Robbinsdale and Crystal. At least 10 cities have taken a stand against the ballot measure, according to anti-amendment group Minnesotans United for All Families, the Pioneer Press reports.

The city council in Mankato is preparing to discuss the issue – and looking for a bigger venue to hold a forum, KEYC says.

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