CDC: Minnesota's Type 2 diabetes rates double along with 17 other states


The Center for Disease Control says Type 2 diabetes rates are skyrocketing at alarming rate in 18 states in the U.S., including Minnesota, KMSP-TV reported.

The CDC says Minnesota is among those states where the diagnoses have doubled -- and in the other 32 states, those rate have increased by 50 percent.

An estimated 290,000 people in the state have diabetes, according to KMSP. Six percent were diagnosed with diabetes in 2010, up from 3 percent in 1995.

November has been designated by the American Diabetes Association as national diabetes awareness month. Nationwide, more than 26 million Americans have Type 1 (juvenile onset) or Type 2 diabetes.

See the KMSP report below.


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CDC confirms swine flu case linked to Minnesota State Fair

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