Central MN school bans certain shirts following LGBT demonstrations

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A central Minnesota high school has banned some t-shirts following student demonstrations.

April 15 was national Day of Silence, a student-run effort to bring attention to bullying and harassment LGBT students face. Students in support of the event remain quiet for a day to illustrate the silencing effects bullying has.

Students at Morris High School got involved and even wore special t-shirts.

Those who participated donned shirts that read "Look Beyond," the Morris Tribune says.

The paper says about 50 other students stood against the movement by wearing shirts that said "Loud and Proud" with images of a pickup truck and American flag.

Following the demonstration, the high school has decided to ban shirts with those slogans. That action is getting some negative reactions from the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota.

"This is not the solution. The t-shirts themselves are not the problem, the harassing of students who were part of the Day of Silence is the problem," the union says.

The group argues that limiting free expression won't get rid of bullying, and that the schools should focus on making it a safe place for LGBT students.

The ACLU says they've sent a letter to the Morris School District asking it to reverse the ban.

BringMeTheNews reached out to Morris School District but didn't get an immediate response.

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