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CenturyLink needs to be clearer about how much its internet will cost, judge orders

The judge's ruling comes after Minnesota's AG sued CenturyLink, accusing it of deceptively charging customers.

A judge has ordered CenturyLink to be more clear about how much it'll charge customers for internet, TV and phone service.

This order was issued Friday by an Anoka County judge as part of a lawsuit filed over the summer by Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson. 

Swanson's lawsuit accused CenturyLink of charging Minnesotans more than they were initially quoted for phone, internet and cable packages, and described this practice as deceptive.

The judge's order effectively stops that from happening. It prohibits CenturyLink from charging customers more than what they were told would be the price when buying the service. This goes for CenturyLink's internet and TV services, as well as products it's selling for DirectTV, a news release says

And when a Minnesotan buys service through CenturyLink, the company must clearly disclose several things, including:

  • The monthly base price;
  • any recurring monthly fees;
  • any one-time fees;
  • how much the first bill – and all future bills – will cost;
  • how long quoted prices will apply;
  • and any restrictions to the quoted price. 

In a statement to the Star Tribune, CenturyLink said they're already working on some of the requirements in the order and "will continue to work through the issues raised by the attorney general's complaint."

This isn't the end of the lawsuit, though. It's just an initial court order so CenturyLink is more transparent about its prices while the case continues, the Pioneer Press reports

Swanson's lawsuit asks a judge to impose civil penalties and require that CenturyLink pay back restitution to people who were misled about what they were buying, among other things.

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