Chamber President calls for special session for business tax relief


The President of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce has taken to the state's editorial pages to campaign for a special session of the Legislature. David C. Olson wants lawmakers to convene to immediately repeal a number of new business-to-business taxes enacted in the 2013 session.

His comments have been carried in a number of newspapers, including the Rochester Post Bulletin, the Duluth News Tribune, and the Winona Daily News.

"Companies are being asked to pay a very high premium for the privilege of doing business in Minnesota," Olson writes in his editorial. "These business-to-businesses taxes are not only misguided fiscal policy; they are at cross-purposes with legislative goals of promoting economic growth."

The new taxes he wants repealed include labor service charges for repair and maintenance of business equipment and machines, a sales tax on telecommunications equipment and a tax on storage and warehousing services of business-related goods. Some changes took effect July 1 and others are retroactive to Jan. 1. Olson insists the new taxes take a particularly high toll on small and midsize businesses.

"Owners and managers are tired of hearing our leaders promote a "pro-jobs" agenda, then pass "anti-business" legislation," Olson concludes. "These high and punitive taxes are making it harder and harder for our Minnesota businesses to ignore the welcoming invitations from other states. Let's do the right thing and repeal these taxes taxes before we lose important businesses and jobs.

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