Champlin Park students stage protest over racially insensitive Snaps

Champlin Park students left class to voice their frustrations.
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Students at Champlin Park High School held a protest Wednesday over some racially insensitive social media posts they say are from members of the girls volleyball team.

Video published to Twitter shows what looks like 150 or more students gathered in a commons area. Some sat, others stood, while students spoke about racism and its impact.

"Racism is ignorance. Racism is not only about consequences, but about education and justice," one student says. "Today we are here to present how many people were impacted by this issue."

"If they disobey, they don't play," the students chant at the end of the video.

Here's another short clip:

What caused the protest

The uproar started with a video, which appears to be taken on a bus with girls wearing Chaplin Park volleyball sweaters and includes the caption "GAMEDAY." In it, someone can be heard saying the n-word – it sounds like they're rapping along with a song.

Another post shows a girl with a dark makeup or substance covering her entire face, resembling blackface.

And in a screenshotted Snapchat DM conversation, a responder calls protesting "not a way to be 'heard'" but "a way to be annoying," describing black people as "bad people that aren't smart."

It ends with the line: "We brought you guys to America. Without us you wouldn't even be here. So thank the f--k outa us!!!!"

After the bus video was tweeted out late on Nov. 2, someone started the hashtag #boycottcpvb the next day.

On Nov. 6, the concerned students posted they got word the two volleyball players in question were going to play in the state tournament this week. 

Supporters of the protest have been pointing out the behavior could fall under the Minnesota State High School League rules regarding racial harassment or hazing. 

The response

GoMN reached out to the school's activities department and the head coach of the volleyball team for comment, but has not heard back.

Anoka-Hennepin school district officials told the Star Tribune they couldn't say much due to data privacy laws.

The Rebels volleyball team is making its fourth straight trip to the state tournament, and has a match against Moorhead Thursday morning.

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