Charge: Uber driver refused to let girl leave car, asked for 'quick sex'


An Uber driver who told a teenage girl he was taking her to his apartment for sex was caught when she used her phone to alert the police, criminal charges say.

Dahir Abdillahi Aden, 50, of Crystal, picked up the girl from her home in North Minneapolis before picking up her friend nearby on Aug. 4.

But prosecutors say after dropping the victim's friend off at work in South Minneapolis, Aden turned onto a highway, at which point the girl realized he wasn't taking her home.

According to a criminal complaint, she asked him where they were going and he told her "he was taking her back to his apartment to have sex and she should not tell anyone."

The girl was then driven to West St. Paul despite her protestations, but during the ride she was able to send text messages to a male friend telling him to call the police.

When they arrived at an apartment complex, Aden kept telling her to "go inside, so inside to have quick sex," the charges say.

The victim got out of the car, though, and called her friend, taking a picture of the car and the address so he'd know where she was, and she managed to hold onto her phone despite an attempt by the suspect to pull it away from her.

She eventually shut off the phone at Aden's request, she told police. It was at that point her friend called the cops.

Before speaking with the visibly upset victim, police spoke with Aden, who originally tried to pass the victim off as his girlfriend. After arresting and searching him, they found a "large amount of condoms" on his person.

He has been charged with one count of false imprisonment, with Uber telling the Pioneer Press it had permanently removed his access to the service since the day of the alleged incident.

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