Charge: Wet bandit flooded 3 floors of Duluth condominiums

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In a crime worthy of Home Alone's "wet bandits," a burglar caused flooding to three floors of a condo building while staying in one of the units without the owner's permission.

Suspected thief Wallace Peter Warren was found inside a condo at the Sheraton Hotel and Condominiums, at 301 E. Superior St., after a water leak was reported at 12:39 a.m. on Aug. 2, according to a criminal complaint.

According to the criminal complaint:

The call was made by an employee of Onieda Realty Company after another condo owner reported water leaking through their ceiling. The Onieda worker spoke with neighbors who also reported water leaking into their properties.

He traced the leak to condo 1101 and when he entered the unit, found water and wet towels all over the floor.

It was there he encountered an unfamiliar man inside the condo, who said: "Are you the maintenance man? Go ahead," before leaving the property.

Police tracked down this man a short time later and he was later identified as Warren, 50, of Embarrass, with officer noting he was wearing "a lot of very expensive designer clothing" which "did not appear to fit him."

A "tremendous amount of damage" was done to condo 1101 as well as those below it, with the Duluth Police Department working on estimates for the damage.

The Duluth News Tribune reports that the flooding was caused by severe damage to a sink.

The newspaper says open food and alcohol containers suggested Warren may have been living in the property for sometime. The condo owner had no idea who Warren was, the complaint says.

Warren, who has an extensive criminal record, has been charged with second-degree burglary and will appear in court on Aug. 24.

If you're unfamiliar with the "wet bandits," you can watch this to be in-the-know.

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