Charges: 4 high schoolers beat their football teammate unconscious

The victim suffered a concussion.
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A high school boy was beaten so badly he was rendered unconscious and suffered a concussion.

Behind the attack? Four of his teammates on the football team, according to charges filed in Faribault County this week.

The juvenile victim, a student of the Blue Earth Area High School, was set upon by four other students and his fellow football teammates at a party on Oct. 19 in Winnebago.

The main actor in the attack, the criminal complaint says, was 18-year-old Wyatt Tungland of Frost, who is accused of punching the victim into unconsciousness. 

Two students, who haven't been identified because they're 17 and 16 years old, are also accused of punching the boy, and holding him down during the attack.

And 18-year-old senior Dalton Nagel of Blue Earth also held the boy down, the charges say.

The victim turned up for football practice the next day with his face swollen and bruised, at which point he was shown a video by one of his juvenile attackers, in which he's getting beaten at the party.

The victim later received medical attention that revealed he'd suffered a concussion.

Parents furious at bullying

Police were not informed of the attack until weeks later, on Nov. 9, when they opened an investigation after being approached by several high schoolers asking if they'd heard about the fight.

FOX 9 reports the victim's father, Dale Hurley, joined "dozens of angry parents" who attended a school board meeting Monday to call for action against the ongoing bullying in the school district.

"He's scared to go to school," Hurley said. "His friends are scared to tell him what happened to him. They've been hiding it for several weeks."

Tungland, an outside linebacker and running back, has been charged with third-degree assault, as have the two juvenile boys. Nagel has been charged with third-degree aiding and abetting.

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