Charges: 4 teens broke into school, assaulted student during class


Four teenagers accused of breaking into a Minneapolis high school and beating a student and injuring a teacher during class have been charged.

Three 17-year-olds and a 16-year-old, all males, were charged by juvenile petition with burglary and riot after the Jan. 22 incident at Southwest High School, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Tuesday.

“In this case, several teenagers who did not attend this school found a way to get in, disrupt a class and injure a student and a teacher. We decided to charge these four with burglary because it has tougher penalties than the lower-level assault charges," Freeman said.

A juvenile court judge will determine if they will be tried as adults. (It is BringMeTheNews’ policy not to name people charged as juveniles.)

According to the petition:

The four teenagers somehow got into the school through a locked door (there is only one door open during school hours, where visitors must sign in) around 12:15 p.m. on Jan. 22.

A teacher told police he was starting his fifth hour chemistry class when he saw what he thought were students in the hall trying to get the attention of one of his students, so he closed the door.

Several minutes later, the four suspects opened the door and ran at a student, who was sitting in the back of the class. They yelled at him, before they punched and kicked him.

The teacher, while trying to break up the fight, was also hit and broke his finger.

Eventually, the victim broke free from the suspects and ran out of the classroom. He had several abrasions on his face.

The four suspects also fled, but school personnel saw them board a Metro Transit bus. Police obtained surveillance video from the bus showing the suspects. The same four teenagers were seen on surveillance video from the high school.

All of them go to other high schools in Minneapolis, including Henry High School and Washburn High School.

One suspect told police he got into an argument with the victim on Facebook and went to the school to fight him. The other suspects also admitted to going to Southwest High School to fight, with one of them saying: "I went and fought and that was it."

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