Charges: Concert promoter tortured and killed his girlfriend's cat

Surveillance video revealed his claim of a balcony fall was a lie, the charges say.

A concert promoter is accused of torturing and killing the cat belonging to his girlfriend of less than a month.

The cat owner found her beloved pet, Marcus, underneath the couch in her apartment on Pleasant Avenue South in Minneapolis, on May 17, with a "severe amount of blood" dripping from his mouth, according to the criminal complaint

Her boyfriend, New York-based Taylor Winum, 28, told her the cat had fallen from her second-story balcony, which caused the injuries that eventually required he be euthanized, the charges say.

However, Winum's girlfriend acquired surveillance footage from the apartment building manager. It shows Winum carrying out the violent actions that eventually led to Marcus's death, according to the complaint.

Details from the charges

The following is all from the criminal complaint filed against Winum, unless otherwise noted.

Winum is seen on video carrying the cat out of the back door by its neck, before throwing him through the air "in a violent manner" into the yard.

Marcus then tried to escape but was disoriented after the throw, running into a box before Winum caught up with him. He then proceeded to squeeze the cat's neck and throat "with extreme force," rendering the cat motionless.

The video showed him rotating his wrists while squeezing him in an apparent "attempt to break the cat's neck" before he slammed the cat to the ground.

The cat suffered devastating injuries, including head trauma, a broken jaw, a fracture skull, lacerations on his tongue and internal injuries that caused him to breathe with "harsh lung sounds."

Winum, who CityPages reports owns a concert promotion firm in New York, had previously sent texts to his girlfriend telling her he hated her cats and wished they would kill each other, the charges say.

He's been charged with one count of torturing animals, which carries a maximum two-year jail sentence.

Note:A previous version of this story stated Winum was one of the founders of the Infrasound Festival in Wisconsin. This was incorrect and we apologize for the error.

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