Charges: County worker who said someone stabbed him actually cut himself

Prosecutors say he lied about the whole thing.

It turns out no one stabbed an Olmsted County employee while he was sitting at his desk, prosecutors allege.

Back on Oct. 3, 2016, Rick Freshwater, an information technology worker assigned to the sheriff's emergency management department, said he was sitting at his desk when someone came up from behind, attacked him and tried to cut his neck, a criminal complaint says.

During the struggle, Freshwater's glasses were smashed against his face, and he suffered cuts on his arm and hand. Then the attacker – who he didn't get a good look at – ran out of the building, Freshwater claimed.

Freshwater radioed police saying he needed help. When they arrived, he told police "they tried to kill me."

Police couldn't figure out why someone would stab Freshwater, and asked the public for any information they had about the incident. As it turns out, prosecutors say there was no "they" – and now Freshwater is being charged with filing a false police report.

The criminal complaint alleges Freshwater attacked himself, with the Olmsted County Medical Examiner saying he believes the cuts Freshwater sustained were self-inflicted, and the crime scene suggested the same.

Investigators found a handmade weapon on the floor of his office. DNA testing found only one type of DNA was on the weapon, and it belonged to Freshwater, the complaint said.

Freshwater is expected to make his first court appearance on the misdemeanor charge on June 15, the Rochester Post Bulletin reports.

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