Charges: Couple who set up pipe bomb near fire station has set off at least 6 others in the past year

They admitted to setting up a pipe bomb left near a fire station.

The couple accused of setting up a pipe bomb in the woods near a Ramsey fire station last month has admitted to setting off such devices in the past. 

In fact, they said they've done it at least six times in the past year, the Ramsey Police Department said Wednesday

Jacob Hall, 24, and Jennifer Stuer, 25, were charged last week in connection to the pipe bomb, which was safely decommissioned by a bomb squad on Oct. 23. 

Hall told investigators he set up the bomb in the woods, saying he did it because juveniles sometimes partied there and he wanted to "send them a message." He also said he wanted to show off to his girlfriend, Stuer. 

They also told investigators that on Oct. 7 they set off a bomb inside a home that was being built, and admitted to detonating as many as six other bombs in Ramsey in the past year "just for fun," the charges against them say. 

The Ramsey Police Department said Wednesday the couple is also suspected in "dozens" of other crimes, ranging from stealing lawn ornaments and holiday light projectors (see photos of the stolen items here) to shooting metal balls with sling shots at garage doors. (Note: Hall and Stuer are suspects in these crimes – it's not clear if they have been charged in connection to them.)

Police are asking anyone who believes they may be a victim of these crimes and haven't already filed a police report to call 763-427-1212 and make your report.

More on the charges 

When investigators searched Hall and Stuer's home, they found "a large amount of bomb-making supplies," a binder filled with bomb-making instructions, and what looked like a handmade gun, the charges say. 

The criminal complaint also notes police found a "large amount of stolen lawn ornaments, lights, and wind chimes," as well as a "small amount" of marijuana and methamphetamine.

Hall is charged with three counts of explosive/incendiary device violation in connection to the Oct. 7 and Oct. 23 incidents; first-degree criminal damage to property in connection to the Oct. 7 incident, which did an estimated $1,000 worth of damage; and fifth-degree possession of a controlled substance. 

Stuer is charged with two counts of explosive/incendiary device violation, first-degree criminal damage to property, and fifth-degree drug possession. 

According to Anoka County Jail records, both Hall and Stuer are behind bars. Hall's bail was set for $150,000, while Stuer's bail is listed at $25,000

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