Charges dropped against 'pot mom' who gave son medical marijuana


Misdemeanor charges against a Madison, Minnesota mother who was preparing to stand trial for giving her son medical marijuana have been dismissed – and now the woman and her family plan to relocate to Colorado.

WCCO reports Angela Brown, a mother of three, agreed to a deal that drops child endangerment charges filed in Lac qui Parle County. If she pays $100 in court fees and doesn’t repeat the offense for 90 days, the charges will be dismissed.

Last year, prosecutors charged her with child endangerment for giving her son Trey, 15, cannabis oil from Colorado to treat his pain. The boy suffered a traumatic brain injury with seizures and chronic pain after he was hit with a baseball.

The Star Tribune reports an Oregon attorney is representing Brown pro bono. He told the newspaper he signed off on the paperwork for a continuance for dismissal and returned it to Lac qui Parle County Attorney Rick Stulz for a judge's review.

The small town mother has become well-known because of her plight. She and her family appeared in the documentary “Pot (The Movie),” which debuted at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival last weekend.

Their GoFundMe page seeks financial assistance for a family move to Colorado.

Although medical marijuana will be legal in Minnesota in about three months, Brown told WCCO that moving would be the best option for the family, since cannabis oil is now more accessible and cheaper in Colorado.

Brown's husband David has accepted a position there with his former employer, the Corrections Corporation of America, the Pioneer Press says.

Before the plea deal, Brown she was facing up to a year in prison and a $3,000 fine if convicted. Her son might have been subpoenaed to testify against her.

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