Charges dropped in water balloon attack on Minneapolis 'Pedal Pub'


Four of the five people accused in a squirt gun and water balloon attack on a Minneapolis Pedal Pub – which happened to be carrying several off-duty cops – will not be prosecuted.

Lawyers for the defendants say misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct charges against the men have been dropped, according to WCCO.

It's not yet clear why the case was dropped; however, WCCO says charges against one of the men allegedly involved, John Davis Rock Jr., are still pending.

The May incident saw the suspects (who all range in age from 24 to 42) raid the peddlers with squirt guns and water balloons as they moved through downtown traffic on the beer-serving, foot-powered party bike.

The soaked victims, some of whom were Burnsville police officers, chased their assailants down and subdued them until Minneapolis police came to the scene.

A sixth person was arrested but not charged.

The water attack – in which no one was injured – was apparently planned ahead of time on Facebook.

So, why attack a Pedal Pub in the first place?

Because, apparently, a lot of people aren't fond of them – in fact, a Facebook group called "I HATE the Pedal Pub" has 4,400 followers.

"Please stop renting the Pedal Pub!" the page pleads, adding snarkily, "no one wants to party with you."

The Star Tribune says the reason for such widespread disdain lies in the disturbances caused by the mobile taprooms – namely the inebriated, noisy riders and the fact that the slow-moving bikes are a nuisance during heavy traffic.

MinnPost, which referred to last month's Minneapolis incident as the "Great Water Balloon Attack of 2015," says the pubs have been the subject of dozens of complaints to city officials.

According to the website, these include everything from illegal parking to peddlers vomiting and picking fights with bar employees.

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