Charges: Drunk Twin Cities cop crashes, yells 'F--- the police!'

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A Twin Cities cop is facing charges after she reportedly crashed her car and told responding officers she "F---ing hates cops."

The incident involving Chaunte Lee Ford, a St. Louis Park police officer, happened earlier this month in Minneapolis. Charges were filed Monday.

According to the criminal complaint:

An officer Silva was walking near NE Palace bar in Minneapolis around 11:15 p.m. on Aug. 5 and heard what sounded like a car crash.

People in the area confirmed there had been an accident and told the cop the offender was driving away.

Silva spotted a Toyota Scion – which had a deployed airbag – driving slowly away. As the car moved, there was a "loud, grinding noise" and it appeared the car was riding on the rim of one tire.

So Officer Silvia got in his squad car and followed the Scion to a parking lot.

When the officer approached the Scion, he asked the driver – identified as Ford, 27 –to get out of the vehicle. She did.

The officer noticed Ford smelled of alcohol and had to hold onto the car to keep her balance.

When Silvia asked Ford if the Scion belonged to her, Ford started to cry. She explained that she was a cop and was sorry.

By the time other officers arrived, Ford was crying hysterically, saying she "F---ed up!"

Then Ford became hostile, making "obscene gestures and comments" to the officers.

When police asked Ford if she needed an ambulance, she responded by saying "I don't need an ambulance. F--- that and f--- you."

Ford went on to say "F--- the police! I f---ing hate cops and I hate that I'm a cop! All you guys do is harass black people!"

And at one point, she pulled down her pants, squatted and urinated on the ground.

While Ford did admit to drinking, she refused to take a breath test. So the officers told her she'd have to go to the Minneapolis Testing Unit.

However, Ford then laid down on the ground – crying and yelling – and refused to put her hands behind her back.

Officers say they had to forcefully handcuff Ford and bring her in for testing.

Ford blew a .20, which is more than twice the the .08 legal limit to drive.

Ford is facing several charges including DWI, hit and run, careless driving and obstructing the legal process.

She's scheduled to appear in court Aug. 30.

A St. Louis Park spokesperson tells KARE 11 that Ford has been with their department for six years and has been placed on administrative leave.

BringMeTheNews has reached out the the St. Louis Park Police Department for comment.

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