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Charges filed against father and son for harboring alligators


Charges have been filed against a father and son for harboring two small alligators. The gators, named Bonnie and Clyde escaped from a home in Scandia.

William Charles St. Sauver Sr, 66 and his son William Henry St. Sauver, 30 were charged in Washington County district court on Thursday, with one count each of misdemeanor keeping wild or exotic animals.

The Pioneer Press reports that both men were being investigated shortly after an alligator was spotted on Goose Lake in late August. A Washington County sheriff's deputy had been to the farm in November and reported seeing the alligators there. Following the deputy's visit to the farm, the city sent a letter to the St. Sauver's saying that criminal charges might be filed if the animals were not removed from the property within 30 days.

Authorities say the St. Sauver's have indicated they have a third alligator, larger than Bonnie and Clyde, but have not disclosed its location. A deputy which searched the property for it was unable to locate it.

The St. Sauver's said previously the alligators were stolen from their property a few months ago. One of the gators has been shot, the other has not been captured.

A WCCO-TV report from August, said the DNR does not believe the smaller size alligators pose much of a threat.

Both St. Sauver's are due for an arraignment hearing on October 29th.

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