Charges: For spilling soda, man ties up boy and locks him in dark room

The boy had spilled soda.
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Angry at his girlfriend's son for spilling soda on the floor, a Maplewood man tied him up, taped his mouth shut and locked him in a darkened room.

That's according to charges filed in Ramsey County this week against 57-year-old Steven Goossen, who is accused of taking matters into his owns hands after a dispute at his home on Bobcat Lane.

His girlfriend's son is said to have thrown a water bottle across the room that knocked over a can of pop, spilling soda onto the floor.

The boy's mom sent him to his room and disciplined him – "whooped the boy's ass," Goossen later told police – and then left the house to cool off by going for a drive.

Goossen was left alone with the boy and his sister, and is alleged to have entered the boy's room and taped the boy's leg together and his hands behind his back.

He slapped the boy in the face and "pushed him down," the charges say, before taping his mouth shut by running tape around his head.

Before leaving the room he removed all the light bulbs, leaving his girlfriend's son whimpering in the dark.

When Goossen's girlfriend returned, she could hear her son's moans and initially thought he was still upset about earlier, but a few minutes later he escaped from his room with tape around his neck and told his mom what happened.

Police were called, with Goossen telling officers his girlfriend's son "doesn't listen."

He said he taped the boy up because he was banging on the walls, and took the light bulbs so the boy would go to sleep.

He is facing one charge of malicious punishment of a child, which carries a maximum sentence of a year in jail or a $3,000 fine.

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