Charges: Lakeville principal stalked detective investigating him for stalking others

The Century Middle School principal also caused a detective to fear for their family.

The Essentials

1. The principal of Century Middle School, Lakeville, Christopher Endicott has been charged with stalking following an investigation that led to him being placed on leave last month.

2. A search of his home turned up evidence he had been stalking the assistant principal of another school, in Apple Valley and potentially several other people. A criminal complaint says he possibly followed them, broke into their homes and vehicles, and stole personal information including IDs and social security numbers.

3. A detective with Apple Valley police became alarmed and concerned when Endicott turned up at their home on more than one occasion while he was being monitored by police.

What Else You Should Know

The allegations against the 49 year old from Apple Valley is laid out in an extensive criminal complaint released after he was charged on Thursday.

It was sparked when the assistant principal of another school, Scott Highlands Middle School in Apple Valley, discovered unauthorized access and use on her work cellphone and iPad.

A police investigation led to a search warrant being served on Endicott's home, which revealed several possible other stalking victims.

The criminal complaint states:

The investigation revealed that Mr. Endicott has possibly followed his victims, broken into their residences and vehicles, and obtained numerous items of personal information including full identification including names and dates of birth, Social Security numbers, and passwords for different applications used by the victims, addresses, children’s names, and maiden names for the stalking victims and their families.

The Pioneer Press reports that Endicott's wife is also an employee of Scott Highlands Middle School. She was also arrested as part of the probe but has not yet been charged.

During the course of the investigation, a geo-tracker was placed on Endicott's vehicle.

He was found on more than one occasion to have spent time outside the home of one of the detectives investigating him, causing them to be fearful for their family's safety.

Tracking also revealed he paid several visits to the Apple Valley police station, with police believing he was trying to obtain the same detective's license number.

A further search of the Endicott home in this week turned up "numerous electronic devices, hard drives and personal mail that did not belong to anyone living in the residence."

Police note in the criminal complaint that Endicott has "history with stealing and manipulating identities and banking information."

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