Charges: Lakeville principal stole sports cards from his renters

Christopher Endicott is already facing other burglary charges, as well as stalking accusations.
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The Lakeville principal accused of stalking a detective is on the receiving end of more criminal charges.

Christopher Endicott has been suspended from his position at Century Middle Schools since January, when it emerged he was under investigation for stalking and was ultimately charged with stalking the detective investigating him.

Earlier this month he was charged with burglary, after an officer found rings in his office desk that had been reported stolen by his next-door neighbors years earlier.

This time, Endicott's victims were his renters, according to a criminal complaint that states the 50 year old turned up on their doorstep on Mar. 3 to return the stolen property.

Returned with apologies

The victims, referred to in the charging documents as MO and KO, opened the door to find their landlord holding a clear tote containing sports card they recognized as their own.

The complaint states: "Endicott handed MO the tote and then apologized, stating that he had taken the property while MO and KO were away in New Zealand, which was between November 13 and December 5, 2017."


– Lakeville principal stalked detective investigating him for stalking.

The value of the sports cards is around $738, and the victims say they also found items inside the tote that did't belong to them.

When interview by police, the renters said they'd known Endicott for several years and had signed an agreement when they moved into the house, to which Endicott still had access.

They said Endicott usually sent a text or called them when he needed to go into their house, but no arrangements were made when they were in New Zealand.

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